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Monday, May 23

When You Come Around

When I was twenty-three I dated a guy for the first time.

He was a DJ at a club in Iowa City. When I told my dad I was dating a guy, he drove me to Target and bought me every type of condom on the market. He must have spent two hundred dollars on them. I was humiliated as we went through the checkout lane and filled two full-sized paper grocery bags overflowing with boxes of condoms and lubricants.

‘Just because one isn’t comfortable, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear them. Keep trying them till you find one you like.’

Gertrude Stein once wrote, ‘Before the flowers of friendship faded, friendship faded.’

Something similar could be said about that bag of condoms and my new boyfriend.

For a few years he would call me every six or seven months and we would try going out again, but it never really rekindled. It always made me kind of sad when it did not.

Relationships are all about timing and trajectory, aren’t they?

Part seven of Nashville:



Blogger Erik writes:

I’ve gotten a couple of emails asking about the recent lack of Venn’s and Uncynical Wednesdays.

Here’s the deal, today’s post is the sixth of an eleven part series that is overriding the usual features. (‘The Smell of Death Week’ overrode them immediately before this series started.)

But I’m not going to identify what this series is until the eleventh post.

Some of you have probably already recognized what I’m doing.

If you have, don’t spoil it for the others. Send the answer to the email address to the right.

I might even have a little prize for the first person who identifies it.


Anonymous Anna writes:

A prize? Like a chocolate bunny?


Blogger dan writes:

I have no idea what you're talking about but I wish I did so that I could be in the running for the prize. I would also like to know what fate befell the big bag of condoms.


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