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Tuesday, May 24

Saturday Afternoons

I moved around a tremendous amount during my teens and twenties, so I was happy to think I had settled in Miami back in ’96. Moving to this southern town for my residency was not part of my plan. I feel far from home here. I miss needing to wear sunglasses when I go outside, and—more than that—I miss my sister.
I would swim across the ocean
I would lay down on a bed of nails
But I’ll spare you all the bullshit
I will spare you all the desperate details

The thing about missing people, for me anyway, isn’t the conversations or the activities. We pretend to be rational animals, but really we are animals with the capacity to rationalize. It’s someone’s quiet presence that can feel so sacred.

When I know I’m going to be around my sister, that area along the costochodral margin relaxes in an impossible manner and my breath is easier.
I will treasure every moment
I will lay down on the couch and watch TV

Part eight of Nashville:

sad eyes


Blogger Erik writes:

No correct guesses yet. Actually, no guesses at all. So here are two clues and a red herring:

1) Ten posts correspond to ten items that make up a larger piece. The eleventh post is going to be an explanation of the previous posts and their purpose.

2) You have to be familiar with the source or it’s going to be like trying to find Madrid on a map of Tennessee.

3) This really isn’t overly cryptic. Certainly not on the level of the Tom Wolfe parody I was doing during The Smell of Death Week, which was, admittedly, not overly overt.


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