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Wednesday, November 29

And to top it off, blogger thinks this is written by a robot.

Some things are going on right now, but I am having a rather intense month and don’t quite have the perspective to write much about it.

So a quick synopsis:

My fellowship application should go out next week.

Some fun stuff happened on the psych ward.

My mother visited for Thanksgiving. The Marquee had his family come in and 'forgot' to bring them to my house for thanksgiving dinner, as we had planned and talked about for over six weeks. So there were four of us sitting around a twenty pound turkey, two containers of cornbread-sausage stuffing, six baked sweet potatoes, a meatloaf sized macaroni & cheese (with Dublin cheddar), a huge arugula salad, buttermilk mashed potatoes made from 5 pounds of potatoes, a gallon of frijoles negros, and over a quart of cranberry chutney.

I think I must have been pretty flustered by his no show, because I ended up ruining the gravy. Then, when I was finishing the pecan pumpkin pie under the broiler, I burnt it.

‘How burnt was it,’ my mom asked when I came back into the dining room.

‘When I took it out of the oven,’ I said, ‘it was on fire.’

Friday, November 24


Netflix is one of the things for which I am thankful. Netflix is Al Gore’s greatest idea since coming up with the internet.

There’s no video store in this town other than Blockbuster. Can you imagine such a thing? A store that rents edited versions of movies to prevent offending families? There’s one ‘art’ theater here, but it’s been showing Casino Royale and Happy feet for the past couple of weeks, so there you are. If you’re on it too, send me your email address and we can become Netflix buddies. It doesn't entail the benefits of fuck buddies, but it also doesn’t entail uncomfortable introductions and jealousy.

The other thing I like about Netflix is it tracks of all the movies I've rented with them. I seem to be enjoying lists lately, so here is the list of every movie I've rented since July of 2003:

11/21/06 Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Vol. 4, 5 Stars

11/20/06 The House of Yes, 4 Stars

11/16/06 Syriana, 4 Stars

11/10/06 Hi, Mom!, 3 Stars

11/08/06 Frankenstein / Bride of Frankenstein, 3 Stars

11/06/06 The Office: Season 2, 5 Stars

11/06/06 Brother Born Again, 4 Stars

10/25/06 Carnivale: Season 2, 4 Stars

10/25/06 Tenacious D: Complete Masterworks, 4 Stars

10/25/06 Weeds: Season 1, 4 Stars

10/20/06 Miami Vice: Season 2, 4 Stars

10/18/06 Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Vol. 4, 5 Stars

10/16/06 Oz: Season 5, 4 Stars

10/13/06 Blow Out, 4 Stars

10/09/06 Capote, 5 Stars

10/09/06 Weeds: Season 1, 4 Stars

10/04/06 Reno 911: Season 2, 5 Stars

10/02/06 American Graffiti, 5 Stars

09/27/06 Robot Chicken: Season 1, 3 Stars

09/27/06 Nurse Betty, 5 Stars

09/25/06 Midnight Express, 4 Stars

09/20/06 Night Watch, 4 Stars

09/20/06 Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, 5 Stars

09/18/06 Entourage: Season 2, 4 Stars

09/14/06 Thundercats: Season 1, 3 Stars

09/05/06 The Office: Season 1, 5 Stars

09/05/06 In the Company of Men, 5 Stars

08/23/06 Venture Bros.: Season 1, 5 Stars

08/17/06 A Better Tomorrow II, 2 Stars

08/16/06 Dark City, 3 Stars

08/10/06 Alias Betty, 5 Stars

08/03/06 Entourage: Season 2, 4 Stars

08/01/06 Jonny Quest: Season 1, 3 Stars

07/31/06 Novocaine, 3 Stars

07/31/06 The Quiet Earth, 3 Stars

07/26/06 Identity, 4 Stars

07/20/06 Everything Is Illuminated, 4 Stars

07/13/06 Columbo: Season 1, 4 Stars

07/12/06 Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic, 5 Stars

07/10/06 Saved! 4 Stars

07/10/06 Oz: Season 5, 4 Stars

Wonder Showzen: Season 1, 4 Stars

06/26/06 The Idiot, 3 Stars

06/21/06 The Passenger, 4 Stars

06/21/06 A Woman Under the Influence, 3 Stars

06/20/06 Aeon Flux, 3 Stars

06/08/06 Inherit the Wind, 4 Stars

05/17/06 Vampires in Havana, 2 Stars

05/04/06 Rize, 3 Stars

04/26/06 Tropical Malady, 4 Stars

04/20/06 Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, 5 Stars

04/17/06 The Safety of Objects, 4 Stars

03/29/06 Nip/Tuck: Season 2, 3 Stars

03/27/06 Good Bye, Lenin! 5 Stars

03/27/06 Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 4, 4 Stars

03/20/06 Barefoot in the Park, 4 Stars

03/15/06 House of Flying Daggers, 4 Stars

03/13/06 Oldboy, 5 Stars

03/02/06 Ikiru, 5 Stars

03/01/06 Shaun of the Dead, 4 Stars

03/01/06 Entourage: Season 1, 4 Stars

02/20/06 Kinsey, 3 Stars

02/17/06 Funny Ha Ha, 5 Stars

02/13/06 Grizzly Man, 4 Stars

02/03/06 Mother, 5 Stars

02/02/06 The Aristocrats, 5 Stars

02/02/06 The French Connection, 4 Stars

01/25/06 Glengarry Glen Ross, 4 Stars

01/25/06 Palindromes, 4 Stars

01/25/06 Desperately Seeking Susan, 3 Stars

01/20/06 Hero, 4 Stars

01/20/06 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, 5 Stars

01/13/06 Run Lola Run, 5 Stars

01/10/06 Badlands, 4 Stars

01/05/06 The Shape of Things, 4 Stars

01/03/06 Pretty Persuasion, 4 Stars

01/03/06 Me and You and Everyone We Know, 4 Stars

12/29/05 Thunderheart, 3 Stars

12/23/05 Mr. and Mrs. Smith, 4 Stars

12/23/05 Oz: Season 4, 4 Stars

12/22/05 The Machinist, 5 Stars

12/15/05 Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, 4 Stars

12/05/05 The Lady Vanishes, 4 Stars

11/28/05 Da Ali G Show: Season 2, 3 Stars

11/28/05 Eraserhead, 4 Stars

11/09/05 Gates of Heaven, 3 Stars

10/19/05 Kung Fu Hustle, 5 Stars

09/29/05 A Very Long Engagement, 4 Stars

09/19/05 Eddie Izzard: Dress to Kill, 3 Stars

09/14/05 An American in Paris, 3 Stars

09/06/05 Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 3, 4 Stars

09/02/05 Dogville, 5 Stars

08/29/05 Control Room, 3 Stars

08/19/05 The Secret Lives of Dentists, 3 Stars

08/08/05 21 Grams, 4 Stars

08/01/05 Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Vol. 3, 5 Stars

08/01/05 One Hour Photo, 4 Stars

07/20/05 God Said Ha! 4 Stars

07/20/05 The Edward R. Murrow Collection, 5 Stars

07/15/05 Sideways, 5 Stars

07/15/05 Bad Lieutenant, 4 Stars

06/22/05 Heist, 5 Stars

06/22/05 Carnivale: Season 1, 4 Stars

06/20/05 Pieces of April, 3 Stars

06/15/05 The United States of Leland, 5 Stars

06/08/05 Slaughterhouse Five, 3 Stars

06/08/05 Throne of Blood, 5 Stars

06/08/05 Hard Core Logo, 4 Stars

06/03/05 Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, 5 Stars

05/27/05 SLC Punk, 5 Stars

05/23/05 The Chronicles of Riddick, 2 Stars

05/16/05 Gods and Monsters, 4 Stars

05/11/05 Catch 22, 4 Stars

05/11/05 Before Sunrise, 4 Stars

05/06/05 Big Fish, 5 Stars

04/27/05 Lake Placid, 3 Stars

04/27/05 Cube, 3 Stars

04/27/05 Elf, 3 Stars

04/13/05 Garden State, 5 Stars

04/06/05 The Producers, 3 Stars

03/02/05 I Heart Huckabees, 5 Stars

03/02/05 Alien vs. Predator, 2 Stars

02/18/05 Party Monster, 4 Stars

02/17/05 What Alice Found, 5 Stars

02/17/05 Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism, 2 Stars

02/10/05 Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, 4 Stars

02/03/05 Wet Hot American Summer, 4 Stars

02/03/05 Sex and the City: Season 6, 4 Stars

01/31/05 Better Living Through Circuitry, 1 Stars

01/24/05 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 5 Stars

01/20/05 Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Vol. 2, 5 Stars

01/20/05 The First Year, 2 Stars

01/10/05 New York: Episode 5: Cosmopolis, 4 Stars

12/31/04 Deconstructing Harry, 4 Stars

12/31/04 Things You Can Tell Just By Looking at Her, 5 Stars

12/29/04 Medium Cool, 5 Stars

12/29/04 Sweet and Lowdown, 4 Stars

11/22/04 Stan Lee's Mutants, Monsters & Marvels, 3 Stars

11/15/04 I Am Trying to Break Your Heart: A Film About Wilco, 5 Stars

11/15/04 Super Size Me, 3 Stars

11/11/04 Rear Window, 5 Stars

11/11/04 Da Ali G Show: Season 1, 4 Stars

11/08/04 Phantasm, 3 Stars

11/01/04 Nip/Tuck: Season 1, 4 Stars

11/01/04 Being There, 4 Stars

10/27/04 The Company, 3 Stars

10/27/04 Six Feet Under: Season 2, 5 Stars

10/25/04 Donnie Darko, 5 Stars

10/11/04 Monster, 2 Stars

09/30/04 Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 2, 5 Stars

09/15/04 Get a Life: TV Series, 1 Stars

09/15/04 Oz: Season 3, 4 Stars

09/01/04 24 Hour Party People, 4 Stars

08/24/04 Space Ghost Coast to Coast: Vol. 1, 3 Stars

08/19/04 American Outlaws, 1 Stars

08/19/04 Undergrads: Freshman Season, 4 Stars

08/18/04 Daria: The Movie: Is it Fall Yet? 3 Stars

08/06/04 Reno 911: Season 1, 5 Stars

08/05/04 Withnail and I, 2 Stars

07/28/04 The Office: Series 2, 5 Stars

07/27/04 Grave of the Fireflies, 2 Stars

07/27/04 Monkeybone, 3 Stars

07/19/04 New York: Episode 4: The Power and the People, 4 Stars

07/12/04 The Full Monty, 3 Stars

06/29/04 The Ben Stiller Show, 3 Stars

06/29/04 The Office: Series 1, 5 Stars

06/28/04 Laurel Canyon, 4 Stars

06/28/04 10 Things I Hate About You, 3 Stars

06/28/04 Everyone Says I Love You, 4 Stars

06/16/04 Dario Argento Collection: Vol. 1: Phenomena, 3 Stars

06/14/04 Ninja Scroll, 3 Stars

06/10/04 Club Dread, 1 Stars

06/10/04 The Limey, 5 Stars

06/09/04 French & Saunders: Living in a Material World, 3 Stars

06/01/04 Journeys with George, 5 Stars

06/01/04 Shampoo, 3 Stars

06/01/04 The Newsroom: The Complete Series, 4 Stars

05/28/04 Touch of Evil, 2 Stars

05/20/04 Shakespeare in Love, 5 Stars

05/20/04 Sidewalks of New York, 5 Stars

05/20/04 Mallrats, 3 Stars

05/20/04 Bridget Jones's Diary, 4 Stars

05/20/04 Evolution: Disc 4: The Mind's Big Bang / What About God? 4 Stars

05/20/04 The Presidents Collection: The Republicans, 5 Stars

05/20/04 The Sting, 3 Stars

05/12/04 Reversal of Fortune, 3 Stars

05/10/04 Some Like It Hot, 5 Stars

05/06/04 Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 1, 5 Stars

05/03/04 Empire Records: Remix! Special Fan Edition, 3 Stars

04/27/04 Barcelona, 5 Stars

04/26/04 Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Vol. 1, 5 Stars

04/26/04 Evolution: Disc 3: The Evolutionary Arms Race / Why Sex? 4 Stars

04/26/04 Six Feet Under: Season 1, 5 Stars

04/26/04 Perfect Blue, 4 Stars

04/19/04 Y Tu Mama Tambien, 5 Stars

04/19/04 The Newton Boys, 2 Stars

04/19/04 Notorious, 5 Stars

04/14/04 Animal Farm, 1 Stars

04/14/04 Dead Man, 5 Stars

04/12/04 Oz: Season 2, 5 Stars

04/07/04 Dilbert: The Complete Series, 2 Stars

04/07/04 The Work of Director Spike Jonze, 5 Stars

04/07/04 Lost in Translation, 5 Stars

04/05/04 Thirteen, 4 Stars

04/01/04 Evolution: Disc 2: Great Transformations / Extinction! 4 Stars

03/31/04 Cancer Warrior: Nova, 2 Stars

03/31/04 A Brilliant Madness: American Experience, 3 Stars

03/31/04 The Deep End, 4 Stars

03/29/04 The Man Who Wasn't There, 5 Stars

03/29/04 Spellbound, 4 Stars

03/26/04 Modern Warfare: Terrorism, Special Forces, 3 Stars

03/24/04 Cowboy Bebop: The Movie, 4 Stars

03/24/04 New York: Episode 3: Sunshine and Shadow, 4 Stars

03/22/04 The Critic: The Complete Series, 4 Stars

03/22/04 Sex and the City: Season 5, 5 Stars

03/15/04 Porky's / Porky's 2: Double Feature, 3 Stars

03/12/04 Diner, 5 Stars

03/12/04 Dogfight, 5 Stars

03/10/04 Evolution: Disc 1: Darwin's Dangerous Idea, 5 Stars

03/01/04 Soylent Green, 5 Stars

03/01/04 Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 1, 4 Stars

03/01/04 North by Northwest, 5 Stars

03/01/04 Derrida, 3 Stars

03/01/04 The Simple Life: Season 1, 4 Stars

02/26/04 The Thin Red Line, 5 Stars

02/19/04 The Lost Weekend, 3 Stars

02/19/04 American Splendor, 5 Stars

02/19/04 Buena Vista Social Club, 4 Stars

02/16/04 New York: Episode 2: Order and Disorder, 4 Stars

02/16/04 Zion Canyon: Treasure of the Gods: IMAX, 1 Stars

02/16/04 Six Feet Under: Season 1, 4 Stars

02/16/04 The Boondock Saints, 3 Stars

02/11/04 The Tick: The Entire Series, 5 Stars

02/11/04 The Truth About Charlie, 4 Stars

02/11/04 Seven Samurai, 5 Stars

02/04/04 Citizen Kane, 5 Stars

02/02/04 To Live and Die in L.A. 4 Stars

02/02/04 Willard, 3 Stars

02/02/04 Sex and the City: Season 5, 4 Stars

01/28/04 Short: International Release #2, 3 Stars

01/28/04 The Deer Hunter, 5 Stars

01/26/04 Patton, 3 Stars

01/23/04 Naqoyqatsi, 4 Stars

01/23/04 Zebrahead, 4 Stars

01/22/04 Six Feet Under: Season 1, 4 Stars

01/12/04 War Letters: American Experience, 5 Stars

01/08/04 Tell Me Something, 3 Stars

01/08/04 Mutant X: Season 1, 3 Stars

01/08/04 Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy, 4 Stars

01/08/04 New York: Episode 1: The Country and the City, 4 Stars

12/31/03 The Manchurian Candidate, 5 Stars

12/29/03 The Bridge on the River Kwai, 5 Stars

12/26/03 Style Wars, 4 Stars

12/22/03 Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, 4 Stars

12/22/03 Powaqqatsi, 5 Stars

12/19/03 American Movie, 4 Stars

12/10/03 Cannibal! The Musical, 4 Stars

12/10/03 Mr. Show: Season 1, 3 Stars

12/05/03 Existenz, 5 Stars

12/04/03 Modern Times ,4 Stars

12/04/03 Get Your Stuff, 1 Stars

12/04/03 The Hours, 5 Stars

12/03/03 The Dinner Game, 3 Stars

12/01/03 Body Double, 4 Stars

12/01/03 The Queens of Comedy, 3 Stars

11/28/03 Celebrity, 4 Stars

11/24/03 Big Trouble, 3 Stars

11/24/03 The Believer, 5 Stars

11/20/03 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, 3 Stars

11/19/03 Dominick and Eugene, 4 Stars

11/19/03 Triumph the Insult Comic Dog: Come Poop with Me, 3 Stars

11/17/03 The Laramie Project, 3 Stars

11/17/03 My Beautiful Laundrette, 4 Stars

11/13/03 Down With Love, 5 Stars

11/13/03 Rabid, 4 Stars

11/11/03 Eight Legged Freaks, 3 Stars

11/10/03 Psycho, 4 Stars

11/06/03 25th Hour, 5 Stars

11/03/03 Vampyr, 3 Stars

10/31/03 The Others, 4 Stars

10/31/03 Army of Darkness, 3 Stars

10/31/03 Best of the Chris Rock Show: Vol. 1, 3 Stars

10/31/03 Immortality, 5 Stars

10/31/03 Things I Left in Havana, 5 Stars

10/24/03 The Queen of the Damned, 3 Stars

10/16/03 The Evil Dead, 3 Stars

10/16/03 Femme Fatale, 5 Stars

10/16/03 Trekkies, 4 Stars

10/14/03 All Quiet on the Western Front, 4 Stars

10/13/03 Pi: Faith in Chaos, 5 Stars

10/08/03 Barbershop, 3 Stars

10/08/03 Spellbound, 2 Stars

10/08/03 Scotland, PA, 5 Stars

10/06/03 What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? 3 Stars

10/02/03 Talk to Her, 5 Stars

10/02/03 Intacto, 5 Stars

10/02/03 Kiss Me Guido, 3 Stars

09/26/03 The Fluffer, 4 Stars

09/25/03 Strangers on a Train, 5 Stars

09/25/03 The Original Kings of Comedy, 5 Stars

09/23/03 Rhinoceros, 2 Stars

09/23/03 The Quiet American, 4 Stars

09/19/03 Chuck & Buck, 4 Stars

09/17/03 Suicide Kings, 4 Stars

09/17/03 Punch-Drunk Love, 5 Stars

09/15/03 How to Beat the High Cost of Living, 3 Stars

09/15/03 How to Get Ahead in Advertising, 5 Stars

09/05/03 The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, 4 Stars

08/29/03 All About Eve, 4 Stars

08/29/03 Following, 4 Stars

08/28/03 Tora! Tora! Tora! 1 Stars

08/20/03 Of Mice and Men, 4 Stars

08/20/03 Yojimbo, 5 Stars

08/11/03 Iron Monkey, 4 Stars

08/11/03 Blood Simple, 5 Stars

08/06/03 Series 7: The Contenders, 2 Stars

07/31/03 Akira Kurosawa's Dreams, 5 Stars

07/25/03 The Conversation, 5 Stars

07/25/03 Hell House, 5 Stars

Friday, November 17


I passed my boards.

Wednesday, November 15

Blackbird II

One of my favorite things about my home is the street I live on. It has a creek running through it: one lane to the left of the creek, one lane to the right. There’s a footbridge in front of my home and many people walk their dogs across it, as it’s the only spot to cross the creek for about four blocks in either direction. Aside from the promenade of hounds, there’s almost no traffic that goes by my home.

So when my sister and mother arrived to visit for this weekend, we had a lovely walk along the creek, then a few blocks over to a French restaurant. Whenever my sister visits, we make it a point of going there, as it has a nice mixed Pâté sampler served with cornichon. We also started with a bottle of the house champagne.

I had the special, steak au poivre. My sister had a thick-cut pork chop with leeks and apples in a calvados cream sauce. My mother had a beet chèvre tart and a butternut squash soup with a bacon chèvre garnish. (She likes chèvre.) For dessert we shared the saffron panna cotta. Everything there—as usual—was superb.

The next afternoon, after returning from the grocery store, we took another walk. This time continuing through the park for another eight blocks to a Mexican restaurant. I’m not normally a fan of corn chips, but I love them at this place. They’re thick and crunchy and seasoned with something more than just salt. It tastes like a mixture of celery salt, lime juice, and a bit of cumin, but I don't know how you’d season a chip with lime juice. The salsa—which I like because it’s all freshly crushed tomatoes—was livened up by my sister who poured nearly a bottle of hot sauce into the dish.

I had the ahi tacos, my sister the veggie fajitas, my mother a flank-steak caeser-salad wrap. My mother’s steak was too salty, everything was otherwise quite good.

We enjoyed our walk back through the park and that evening had dinner at home with my friend the Marquee.

The next day for lunch we grilled the hot Italian sausages we forgot to serve as a pre-dinner snack. We also heated up a can of Campbell’s tomato soup, pouring it into demitasse cups I rubbed with fresh sage. We had refills, but it took a remarkably small amount of soup to satisfy us.

Then they got in the car and returned to Miami.

Monday, November 13

Blackbird I

My mother and sister drove up to spend the weekend with me. We’d planned on having dinner Saturday night with the Marquee, whom they’d never met. I suggested we cook a meal and asked them what we should make.

‘We could do hamburgers,’ mom offered, ‘that would be simple.’

‘Hmmm,’ I said, ‘I was thinking more along the lines of a pork loin.’

‘With,’ my sister added, ‘a Rum Orange reduction. And some roasted vegetables.’

‘Roasted root vegetables would be good,’ I said, ‘parsnips, turnips and potatoes,’

‘Sweet potatoes would be better than potatoes,’ my sister said, ‘with some coriander and Moroccan spices. And a frissee salad with a lemon vinaigrette.’

‘How about a lemon caper vinaigrette?’ I suggested.

This went on until the menu was settled. We went to the grocery store and picked out our supplies. When we came home, I made the pâte brisée for the tart, the lemon caper vinaigrette and started marinating the Pork loin in Myer’s dark rum, garlic, bay leaves, peppercorns and the juice from eight Florida oranges.

By mid afternoon, we’d started roasting the eggplant for the ajlouke we were serving for an opening snack. While I concentrated on the Pear and Blue Cheese tart, using Bosc pears and Danish Blue, my sister prepared the roasted root vegetables. We ended up also getting a rutabega, pearl onions and fennel. After she finished the cutting, she built the bonfire to roast them. While she was getting the fire going, I put the pork loin in the oven and put the marinade on the stove top to make the reduction.

When the Marquee arrived, we had the ajlouke and toasted pita in the living room. We also served pickled hearts of palm and artichoke hearts. We served Lillet blanc with grapefruit wedges in chilled tumblers.

We moved to the dinner table and served the salad, mixed greens—rather than the frissee—with dried currents and freshly ground pistachio nuts topped with the lemon caper vinaigrette. We served the Trinchero Family Select 200 Pinot Noir.

After we finished the salads, I served the pork loin with the rum and orange reduction and the roasted root vegetables with Moroccan spices.

I was most excited about the dessert though. A few years back, I was at a tasting and had The Noble Semillon 1999, a dessert wine by d’Arenberg, from Australia. Now, I know what you’re thinking, because I think the same thing all the time, ‘Australian wine? I’d sooner drink horse urine.’ But I think the very things that make Australian wine taste so unimaginably bad, are the right things to make a good dessert wine. The d’Arenberg Riesling is in higher production, but if you can get your hands on the Semillon, do so. At the tasting, I remembered thinking that it would go really, really well with pears and blue cheese. So for the past couple of years, I kept on trying to come up with an autumn occasion to think up a recipe for a pear and blue cheese tart.

And the pear and blue cheese tart and The Noble did go very well together. Most exciting.

Thursday, November 9

I almost got a pitcher of beer poured on my head

I almost got a pitcher of beer poured on my head last night. Had it not been for my instinctive suspicion of other human beings, my catlike reflexes, and a strong wrist (thanks to holding the laryngoscope with difficult to intubate patients), I would have gone home cold, wet, and smelling of beer.

And I maybe—kind of—deserved it. Long story, don't ask. The important thing is: I am dry.

Monday, November 6

Love Plus One

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Medical Records

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