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Wednesday, May 25

Sad Eyes

My friend was unhappy for most of her twenties. She had dated a gymnast in college and missed him terribly since he moved to Utah

Her and her best friend were both sexy looking girls and were particularly close, so people sometimes talked, if you know what I mean. It became a little joke between them, but one night they were drinking and her friend got all serious and said, ‘I was thinking last night and I’ve decided that I’m a lesbian and that I’m in love with you.’

My friend started laughing and continued cackling for a very long five to ten seconds before she saw that she was not kidding.

She apologized for laughing, but how do you really apologies for such a thing? She ended up moving to Utah with the gymnast where they had an odd relationship. I never met him, so I never really understood their dynamics, but my friend confessed to a number of crazy things.

She put salt in his potted plants, killing them.

When his ex-girlfriend moved back into town, the gymnast let her keep some boxes in their home. My friend used incense to burn small holes in the backs of some of her shirts and skirts. ‘Small enough that you wouldn’t notice them until you were out and someone else might see them.’

When they had a fight, she would open up the capsules of his antihistamines, empty out the medicine and then put them back together. He couldn’t figure out why his allergies flared so badly after they had a fight.

Eventually, sense took hold of one of them, and they split up. She moved to Vegas, and the gymnast married his ex-girlfriend.

I hope she is happier now.

Part nine of Nashville:

why won’t you tell me what


Blogger Erik writes:

Some guesses have started to roll in. No one has figured out the subject yet.

Here's another hint.

This has a specific subject. It is not a 'theme' or 'mood.' The subject is something you can buy, at say, Amazon or in an actual store.

I hope I don't have to eat the jelly doughnut prize myself.


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

Okay, I had a few ideas but .... a tangible material item?!?! NOW I'm clueless. But very intrigued.


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