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Monday, April 11

Return to Atlanta

I had so much fun in Atlanta last month that I decided to go again. The traffic was a nightmare and my arrival time was three hours later than my ETA of ten pm Friday night. My friend Toph and I went out for a few beers and met LT and Chandler for Chinese.

On Saturday night we were getting ready for a party

‘We’re running a little late,’ Toph said into the phone, trying not to sound annoyed, ‘Erik’s found my charcoal masque and is running around the apartment pretending he’s Nightcrawler.’

“{BAMPH}” I yell, leaping into the living room, bounding off the couch and behind the dining room table.

‘Erik, we need to go. Get that shit off your face and let’s head out.’

‘Yes, Herr Professor,’ I say, then yell “{BAMPH}” and get ready to somersault into the bathroom.

‘And no somersaulting, you’ll trip and get that shit all over the carpeting.’

‘Yes, Herr Professor,’ I say, dejectedly walking into the bathroom.

At the party there was one small dog and lots of people. There was one guy who was an even bigger amusing asshole than me. There are plenty of people who are more amusing than me and plenty of people who are bigger assholes than me, but the combination of the two is a delight to find. He was handing out scissors and talking people into cutting their LIVESTRONG bracelets off and then give him the yellow rubber pelts. His name was Ian and he grew up in Guam, or so he claimed. I hope to run into him again. I'll let you know if he does more amusing things, because there is not enough amusement in the world.

Before I began the drive back on Sunday morning, Toph, LT and I had brunch at some restaurant that had something to do with ‘Gone with the Wind.’ Toph gave me two suggestions for offensive business names to add to my collection:

Dry Cleaners: Drop Your Pants and Jacket Off

French Café: That’s a Load of Crape

So I had a good weekend in Atlanta.


Blogger dan writes:

I am conflicted about those livestrong bracelets. I hate dumb fads like that with every fiber, to the point that the sight of them puts me into a blind rage, but on the other hand they are supposed to be about fighting cancer. So every time I see someone wearing one I immediately want to snap it off their wrist with wicked force, but then I think of everyone shouting "so what have you got against fighting cancer, huh??" even though that's totally not the point. It's like I'm the conflicted Terminator from Terminator 3. Must not... kill... John... Connor....


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