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Monday, June 25

there must be some way out of here

After four years and one week, I’m making my way out of this town. Everything will be changing and in some ways this will be the last entry for this blog.

There are some things that I haven’t gotten around to explaining, how I invented indie music for example. (It happened on the school bus in the early eighties after I heard some cheerleaders discussing Natalie, Tootie and Blair. I suddenly realized that if Jo and the girls would hang out with cheerleaders, I had to find a new set of friends. It gets a little complicated after that, involving I.R.S. Records and Bob Mould. Anyway, I never got around to telling some stories.)

So let’s end this with some options, Choose Your Own Adventure style:

Click here or here if you’d like me to take a bullet in the head.Click here or here if you’d like me to wink into the internet one last time.


Blogger robotomy writes:

Have we ever discussed my early-held belief that the internet is chiefly a "Choose-your-own-adventure" medium? My very first pages on this WorldWideWeb were a story of that sort. Smile.

(btw, I ended up clicking a link which launched my iTunes mp3 player — "Why, Erik! You've seized control of my computer! You clever boy...")

See you in Chicagoland!


Blogger CampBlood writes:

Fit, you're leaving? I never even made it into the referrals space.... I loved your blog & will miss you. You are one sexy doc. Be safe & come back to us soon, Erik.

Much kisses....



Blogger dan writes:

Is this like when Jay-Z says he is retiring?


Blogger St Yves writes:

I'm having some sort of existential crisis over no longer knowing someone I've never actually met and the implications thereof, but I've damn sure enjoyed my voeuristic peek into your life- which is a heck of a lot more interesting than mine.

I have really enjoyed your asshole nature, impeccable grammar, and great taste in music.


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

I miss you.


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