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Wednesday, December 6

Till then I carry on with what I know

I just noticed that the Blogger comment system asks you to ‘choose an identity’ when you post a comment.

That's kind of an amazing offer, isn't it? I’ll take earnest caregiver! Intellectual scallywag? No, that’s wrong. How about a Dark Elf Illusionist? Stop. Five get overexcited.

I’ll take a cross between Ted from the movie Barcelona and the Brendon Frasier character from The Young American, only living in this country. Which I guess doesn’t really make much sense, because a crucial aspect of both characters’ identity is their wanderlust.

Nick Carraway? Forget I mentioned him.

I’m overreaching here. Just streamline what they are asking: Physician. Brother. Son. –but that’s more tombstone than identity.

Damn, I’ll never get to post a comment on this blog.

But how about truculent polymath? Now that's a tombstone I could live with.


Blogger dan writes:

I vote for scallywag. Intellectual or otherwise.

I think if I could choose an identity for myself, it would be a mix between Kevin Bacon in the Hallow Man (for the invisbility superpower, not the god complex), and maybe Amy Sedaris cuz everytine loves a funny girl.


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

I love that dan chose to be half girl...

Can I chose Tyler Durden? Only female... I guess Angelina then...?


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