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Friday, December 1

Six Twenty-Nine

I’ve just finished a bath while sipping a Beefeater martini with garlic-stuffed olives. Forgive any typos.

Tonight, the Marquee and I will be going out to celebrate his last night in this town. In a town like this, every friend is precious, even ones that stand you up for thanksgiving. My only consolation is that he’s only moving to Richmond: a town not any better than this one.

I’m also celebrating because tomorrow will be the first day I’ve had off since the 29th of October. We’re going to do the town up wrong. If you have my phone number, don’t call before 2 pm tomorrow.

Six months and twenty-nine days left in this town…


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

So did you change the post time to 6:29? Or sit and wait to hit publish at 6:29? Or is it a random, yet awesome coincidence??


Blogger Damon writes:

Where yo gonna go after yo done in the play yo at now?


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

Number One -- I feel somewhat personally implicated when you lament over your experiences in "this town"... since I live in "this town" and was one of the first folks to meet you when you arrived. I certainly feel as though I have not been very precious, but then we did have that birthday of yours. And we get along; no antagonism to report. So, I guess all's well?

Number Two -- I hate to break it to you, but Richmond is a town quite a bit better than this one. Reasons? It is the capital, so along with the stupidity that accompanies that there are also assets like greater attention to public spaces and a good sampling of higher educated, or at least higher salaried, individuals. For those so inclined, there are active political groups.

Also, Richmond has a double-whammy of history: American Revolution and Civil War!! Naturally, the latter sometimes brings out the stupid in people -- including the long line of "Second Place Trophies" on Monument Avenue, which features Stonewall Jackson, Jeff Davis, Robert E. Lee and ends with the peculiar addition of Arthur Ashe! In general the history of the area has led to a strong preservation movement, even extending to early 20th Century structures. Richmond has a warehouse district where nightlife thrives, instead of a government-subsidised downtown McMall!

There are a number of decent-sized, and decent, universities in Richmond.

It is a short drive to Washington, D.C., with all that culture and gay shit.

And, the last thing I can think of right now, it has some interesting, quirky longstanding companies located there. Sure, "this town" has Maxwell House and I'm grateful. It's interesting and smells good. Richmond is home to Chap-Stick, Time-Life Books, a Paramount amusement park, and the ubiquitous local grocery store, Ukrops, which is a slice of heaven. If more folks in this god-forsaken state of ours ever traveled to places like Richmond and saw what quality and customer service actually looked like in a grocery store, Publix would immediately be required to change their slogan from "Where Shopping Is A Pleasure!" to "Where Shopping Is An Excruciatingly Soul-Numbing Disappointment Of An Ordeal!"

** I should add here that I am not a shill, a robot of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce; and that all this information was accurate as of the mid-Nineties when my sister still lived there.


Blogger Erik writes:

You're right about Richmond. I was just trying to downplay it so he would maybe stay here.


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