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Tuesday, December 12

Homonyms and ambiguous phrasing for fun and prophet

I have spent a lot of today working on my personal statement for a fellowship application. At one point I had written ‘physicians whom I immolate’ rather than ‘emulate.’

I also wrote a sentence that talked about how much I enjoyed ‘being intellectually challenged.’


Blogger St Yves writes:

How about Physicians whom I would like to intubate? I feel for you writing your statements- I just wrote my first paper for presentation to other lawyers and it was intimidating- and lawyers are dumber than doctors. Good luck.


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

You could come be a banker. Don't worry, they don't expect anything out of you rather than using a calculator to add and subtract money.


Blogger dan writes:

I also enjoy that you are intellectually challenged. We have that in common.


Anonymous thegoodkelly writes:

Leave it as is. The decision maker/s will believe you and will find your honesty charmingly refreshing.

(Actually, I'm only posting so you'll recognize my name and not delete the email from Amazon.)


Blogger Bewareoftheblog writes:

you talk pretty sometimes


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