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Monday, October 9

With Priests Like These, Who Need Athiests?

I was driving past a church on Saturday and the marquee announced the Sunday Sermon's title, ‘Spiritual lessons from Superheroes.’

Now, I don't really know this, but I suspect every time a sermon like that is given, God dies a little bit.


Blogger Thea writes:

There's this church right by my house that always has bizarre (but somehow intriguing) messages on their reader board. "Jesus in the Labryinth" was one--I have no idea what that means. And of course, the heat-of-summer classic, "This church has prayer-conditioning."

I mean, who wouldn't want to show up for that sermon?

I'm loving the blog, by the way.


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

We had a service on spirituality and South Park, so I imagine that the superhero/spirituality would not be impossible.

By the way, spirituality and South Park made a wonderful service.


Blogger elizabeth writes:

Church around the corner had a sign up last week that read:

"Dogs make more friends wagging their tails than their tongues."

Right. Well, glad I got that message. I can see where they were hoping to go with that - but I don't think it ended up there exactly.

Now - if I'd been near a church with a super hero sermon - I'd have gone right in. Because that would be something.


Blogger dan writes:

Wow, elizabeth, that's the saddest, most perversely subversive church motto I've ever heard.

Talk about dying a little bit...


Anonymous Anonymous writes:



Blogger Pastor Greg McLarty writes:

I am actually a youth pastor and am doing a series in our youth called "The Diaries of A Superhero. I also preached last Sunday on "Unanswered Prayers, According to Bruce Almighty." Now some of the old garb had a little prob, but was a real hit with 40 and under crowd.


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