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Monday, October 2

Secret Origins I

Do you remember the first time you realized that you were different? That things were different for other people than they were for you? It wasn’t that rules didn’t apply to you; they just applied differently.

I was six when I first figured it out about myself, in the hayloft of my family’s farm—my feet perched on a crossbeam, heels and toes hanging over its edge. I watched the cattle twenty feet below me. I faced up and—arms outstretched—fell forward and arced out over the herd, swallows and sparrows took flight around me as I flew to the other side of the barn, barely aware of the rope harness my cousins had fashioned around my chest and shoulders.

The cattle spooked and shoved each other, beginning a slow stampede from the barn. My cousins pulled the rope and I flew upward. Grabbing another crossbeam, I pulled myself onto it.

I stood—arms akimbo—surveying the scene, well impressed with my feat.

It was my first realization that the laws of gravity were malleable. Though it had required my cousin’s technical expertise, a good deal of rope, and the hay pulley, those details seemed negligible and I wondered what other humanly limitations I would soon find ways to circumvent.


Blogger CampBlood writes:

I remember I realized I was different at a very young age. I've known almost forever. I just went with it & have never let it keep me back... No regrets!

Good topic, you sexy Doc!



Blogger Jon writes:

Well at least you had the forethought to use a pulley and a make shift safety harness. We used to idiotically jump from the loft in the barn screaming Geronimo, flailing our arms wildly as we landed into a pile of hay. A pile of hay that often contained pitchforks and pulsated from the large rats that crawled from within.

The only affirmation that I had at the time was that I was quite clearly stupid! I may still display acts of stupidity at times. However, my days of loft jumping are a thing of the past.


Blogger dan writes:

I've never gone barn flying, but we used to scale the elementary school walls behind my house so that my friend Cory could defecate on the roof. That seems special or different in some way or another. It was without a harness so it was definitely death-defying.


Blogger elizabeth writes:

I used to jump off of my grandparents' garage into a pile of snow. (Canada - what can I say)


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