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Friday, October 20

No, This Is Halloween

I was going through my bottom nightstand drawer, pulling things out and showing them to Pasteur, trying to figure out a Halloween costume. I pulled out a Fossil silver-faced watch, then a studded leather wrist band. I pulled out some extra-large flannel boxer shorts with the state university colors and symbol, an extra-small plain white t-shirt, and an earring, all the while suggesting costumes I could create from them.

‘Why do you,’ he interrupted my idea of a before & after diet person, ‘have all this random garbage in your nightstand?’

‘It stuff people have left here,’ I said, ‘after spending the night.’

‘Then,’ he said, laughing at me, ‘why don't you just go as every person you've slept with in the past three years.’


Blogger CampBlood writes:

That's a great idea! I'd let you wear something of mine, but I haven't slept with you... yet... LOL


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

That's awesome, best one I've heard yet this year... I still don't have one, any ideas?

**giggle** my word verification is "spock"


Blogger Damon writes:

Since I enjoy a challenge, I've decided to go as every person I haven't slept with in the past 3 years.


Blogger elizabeth writes:

You could just go as the nightstand.


Blogger dan writes:

HAHA, you slept with someone who wore a leather wrist band!


Blogger CampBlood writes:

Erik, check out my disastrous Halloween blog:



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