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Friday, September 29

Ben Stiller is truly this generation’s Jerry Lewis.

That’s all. I’m not bothered by it; I just think we need to come to terms with it and move on before he devises some sort of web-based telethon.


Blogger Spider writes:

At least Stiller doesn't run around screaming "LADY"...


Blogger Jay writes:

Will he too make money off the pity people have for the disabled?

I'd like to see him have a nervous breakdown and trips around Hollywood dressed as Tony Wonder...


Blogger libhom writes:

Ben Stiller is much hotter than Jerry Lewis, and more talented. But then, a dirty sock is more talented than Jerry Lewis.


Blogger the other sarah writes:

i still love Jerry stiller... but Ben does have a corner on the current market.


Blogger dan writes:

I harbor a secret love for Zoolander. I do not harbor a secret love for anything with Jerry Lewis. Therefore, I find your theory flawed, or at the very least, debatable.

Oh, and Flirting with Disaster was a near masterpiece.


Blogger Erik writes:

I think Dan, libhom and spider are proving my argument: they both have an emense popularity that is peculiar to a specific generation. What I am trying to tell you is that your grandchildren will feel about Ben Stiller the way you feel about Jerry Lewis.

And Dan, are you saying you didn't like Scorsese's The King of Comedy? Liar.


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