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Friday, April 14

Humble Daisy

Now, folks, you might know a mess about pride and uppitiness, but I tell you what… our boy Erik’s ’bout one queen shy of a royal flush in that department. And the thing about all this pride, what the fancified like’n to call narcissism, is it’s a fragile house of cards and his’s ’bout as high as Babel’s tower.

What he don’t know is, his best hand’s already been played. The cards he thinks he’s got in his hand are about to be played against him and there’s a breeze starting to blow.

Do you see some of those cards startin’ to waver? How many you think need give way before the whole mess tumbles down?

Stay set, folks, and we’ll see how it’ll play out.


Blogger dan writes:

Ooo, the introduction of a folksy narrator foreshadowing a turning of the tide. I can almost see Sam Elliott cast in the role. I like where this is going.


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

Yew still have a purty mouth.


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