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Wednesday, March 8

What Do You Do?

I stop staring at the door. I wonder around the house, moving from couch to computer desk to kitchen and to bed.

I get up and put in Costello’s My Aim Is True on the stereo.

I go back to bed. I fidget. I get the phone and open it, scrolling through the names. Once, before phonebooks were digital, I told someone ‘every time I go through my phonebook, my fingers always seem to land on you.’

Tonight they land on ‘send,’ and I press it, though it’s after midnight.

I hear the voice inhaling as the phone picks up, and hear the last half of a groggy hello.

‘Hey there,’ I say, ‘what are you doing?’

‘Nothing’ Birmingham says.

‘I didn’t wake you, did I?’ I ask, but head off my own question. ‘I was just thinking about you.’

‘That’s nice,’ he says, still half-asleep. ‘You wanna come over?’


‘Okay,’ he says.

‘Are you going to remember this or should I remind you?’

‘Better give me a reminder.’

‘Sleep well,’ I say and hang up. I lay down with happy anticipation for tomorrow night.


Anonymous medha writes:

aww come ON...


Anonymous Sean writes:

My word, I had no idea bisexuality was so complicated.


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

Thank goodness for diversions, eh? Otherwise you might have to actually feel those feelings, instead of ignoring them and looking to someone else to distract you.

I'm still waiting to see if it was Stockholm who gave you the shiner. Chicks can be tough.



Blogger Smacky writes:

Smacky would like to extend his sympathies to every other sad git who has had the misfortune to be exposed to this blog.


Blogger Spider writes:

If item A isn't available - them move on to item B - the best thing about being bisexual - you double your chances for a date!


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