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Thursday, March 16

Something So Strong

Birmingham and I end up drinking Crown & water at a dive bar. Walking back to his house drunk, we fall asleep on top of each other, clothes still half on.

I wake at 5:45, driving directly to the hospital, showering in the O.R. suite and putting on a pair of scrubs.

One advantage of being a doctor: you get to work in what is essentially a comfortable pair of pajamas.


Blogger dan writes:

When you work at home, you actually get to wear pajamas. And there ain't no gettin' up at 5:45am neither. Suck on that Mr. Gets-lucky-three-times-in-one-weekend.


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

Scrubs looks cozy. I almost want to buy some for just hangin' out. Plus, you could wear them to the grocery store and people would stare impressively.


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