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Wednesday, March 15

Listen Like Thieves

My dad’s called me from Iowa and asks how things are going.

‘Really well. I’m meeting interesting people for the first time in a while. It’s nice,’ I say, ‘this past year I’ve been alone. Going from work to studying and reading, not much interaction with other people, except for a few out-of-town friends. I feel like I’m coming out from a dark period of my life.’

As I finish the last sentence he begins laughing, really loud.

I don’t say anything.

‘I’ve never seen this commercial before,’ he says, ‘it’s really funny. This guy just got smashed through a wall.’


Blogger the other sarah writes:

are you sure you didn't call my dad?


Blogger Smartypants writes:



Blogger Erik writes:

Disclaimer: I originally titled this post Dancing with myself, then (What’s so funny ’bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding, and have finally decided on Listen Like Thieves. But It’s all the same post.


Blogger floatingwild writes:

i am afraid i will turn into that parent. mine did.


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

This makes me so sad.


Blogger Damon writes:

Don't ignore the fact that that commercial IS really funny.


Blogger dan writes:

I think I like your dad.


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

Since I spend more time with my son reading his blog than on the phone, I suppose I should fiegn total immersion in our conversation.

He's really a terrific son, he really is. I'm sure his mother is better at phone, but we both agree that we prefer email since we do it when we please, not when the phone rings. That isn't much of an excuse, though...since I'm usually the caller.

Whatever, I love my son.



Anonymous Anonymous writes:

I love how you responded yourself and claimed it was your dad. Brilliant way to keep people interested.


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

No no...this is the real Dad. My son has a real way with a story, and although he might take poetic license, he only edits comments, not make them.

Apparently it did keep you reading though.

Dad (aka Terry)

PS for the word verification, I've never seen the word sdxmvkse. lol


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