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Friday, March 10

How to Disappear Completely

‘That boy has no game,’ I’m saying to Dr Merteuil about Dr Pasteur. ‘You want to see his idea of game?’

As a radiologist friend—a cute blonde—walks by, I grab her hand.

‘Play a game with me,’ I tell her, ‘Pretend I’m Pasteur for a sec.’

She smiles and shows some teeth.

‘Hi,’ I say in my Dr Pasteur voice, ‘what’s your name?’

‘You know my name,’ she says, still holding my hand and giving it a little squeeze.

‘No,’ I say, back in my own voice, ‘Pretend I’m Pasteur and you don’t know me.’

She looks at Merteuil and then agrees.

‘Hi,’ I say in my Dr Pasteur voice, ‘what’s your name?’


‘Sara,’ I say, still in my Dr Pasteur voice, ‘can I have your phone number?’

The three of us laugh and Sara yanks her hand out of mine dramatically. She walks away shaking her head as Merteuil and I continue to laugh.

‘I’ve seen him try that shit fifteen times,’ I say. ‘Not in bars either—with other doctors.’

‘You know that blonde Ob/Gyn,’ she asks, laughing. I nod. ‘She agreed to go out with him. So he takes her to Outback Steakhouse.’ She starts laughing so much she stops talking for a moment. ‘He tells her he chose the restaurant because he knows she’s Australian.’

I’m laughing too, but I’m confused.

‘She’s not Australian,’ I say. ‘She’s South African.’

‘I know,’ she says, laughing so hard she’s crying.

I’m laughing, but glance out the window when I think I see Pasteur coming in from the patio entrance, but it’s just a reflection and a trick of the light.


Blogger Miss Celaneous writes:

If your buddy is Dr. Merteuil, are you a Valmont?
Just curious.


Blogger Chuckles writes:

Awesome. That was awesome. I knew there was someone out there who made me look better than Clooney and you, sir, work with him.


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