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Tuesday, March 21

The Beautiful Ones

I’m on the elliptical machine at the gym and Oprah Winfrey’s on television talking to Charlize Theron. I unplug my earphones from my Rio and plug them into the television outlet, hoping she might talk about the upcoming AeonFlux flick, but they’re talking about Monster and North Country. Oprah’s asking Charlize why she has this amazing asset of her beauty but picks roles that make her appear unattractive.

Charlize says that it isn't something she seeks out, that the appearance comes naturally as she gets into the character. Then she says she believes that outer beauty is simply a reflection of our inner appearance. When she says this even Oprah’s impressed and can’t say anything for a moment. Kind of stunned, Oprah says, ‘I’m having an a-ha moment right now.’

In the mirror, I check my posture and adjust my hair.


Blogger djn writes:

I don't buy it... It's all a bunch of BS...


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

Oprah was impressed by Charlize Theron's pretty face saying stupid things


Blogger the other sarah writes:

If she believes that, I want to know why she had some work done... I really used to think she was beautiful.


Blogger floatingwild writes:

that is such crap. i have seen really ugly people look amazing. fuck her.


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