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Thursday, February 16

We Have the Facts and We’re Voting Yes

The decision on whom will be chosen for chief resident has been looming over those of us nominated for several weeks now. It’s been all but promised to one resident. When I was asked to interview, I did it more for the experience than with any real expectation for the job.

So when I’m chosen and offered the contract to stay on for an additional year as chief resident, being an attending physician and responsible for the residents and our conferences, I’m a bit nonplussed, but pleased and honored.

I go out for a celebration dinner with Dr. Pasteur, whose ass is still smarting from the tongue lashing he received two days previously. We have Daiginjo Saki with our sushi and forgive each other. I forgive him for nearly killing my patient. He forgives me for ensuring that he was held responsible for it.

The marquis shows up and we pour him the remains of our bottle.

It’s Thursday night and they want to head to Square One, a nearby bar in the basement of a Thai restaurant. I leave them there and head over to Stockholm’s restaurant. When I walk in, she sees me and her face lights up. When I see that, mine does also. She pours me a glass of the Trimbach ‘Cuvee Frederic Emile’ Alsace Riesling and I tell her the news.

She takes a break and we head through the kitchen into the back alley. She smokes while I drink my wine and kiss her neck. I love the way white wine cools my tongue and makes her neck feel warm. Her hair combines the scents of a clean, subtle shampoo with the steak and mussels she’s been serving. It’s curiously exciting.

‘What time,’ I ask her, ‘do you get off?’

‘Soon,’ she says, pulling her neck away from me, still holding my hand.

‘Can you come to my house,’ I ask, ‘and play?’

‘Yes, I can,’ she says. ‘do you have any fun toys?’

‘Oh yes,’ I say, ‘I do. I do have toys.’

What toys, you ask? Lets just say that membership has its privledges.


Blogger Spider writes:

Congrats on the news... and you have excellent taste in toys...


Blogger Erik writes:

The toys were a joke between Stockholm and I. I'd mentioned the warning label on the insert and she teased me about it. We did not use the toys pictured, they are for illustrative purposes only.


Blogger Bewareoftheblog writes:

where does he get those wonderful toys?


Blogger Jeff writes:

Congratulations on the position. Obviously, I've read your blog. Do not speak to me again. I'll be in "Chicago". And I need my dreidels.


Blogger dan writes:

Did someone just quote Batdance?

"Hey Duckie, let me put this 7" in the computer."


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