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Tuesday, November 1

Let’s Go

My name’s Erik, I’m a physician—a doctor—in my third year of residency. After I got my undergraduate degree I spent a couple of years managing a restaurant on South Beach. South Beach was exciting, and it was there that I learned the difference between exciting and interesting.

I started taking pre-med classes and ended up going to med school. But when it came time to decide where to do my residency, I fucked up. I applied to only two programs, both of them quite late in the application process and ended up in a Southern town that I never imagined myself living in—400 miles from anyone I knew or cared about.

I found myself here—in exile—and free to reinvent myself. Or so I thought. While I was reshaping myself in some ways, I found I had a pre-filled role to play—or not—as a doctor. Playing a doctor changed how people interacted with me and changed the way I interacted with people.

I thought I was getting it down pretty well, when things took some strange turns several months ago.

This is the story of me changing—in the space of a few months—from this guy:



to this guy:

And it’s more than just a moustache and a black eye. So, if you’re ready, we’re going to start a few months back, right before this all began…


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

Are you on that show, "My Name is Earl"?


Blogger Spider writes:

If you are up to tell the story, we are up to listening to it...


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

Hon, you've lost a little weight since the last photo. Are you okay? xx


Blogger Kristina writes:

I'm ready. Go!


Blogger dan writes:

All good stories start with a fluffly pair of mutton chops.


Blogger Smartypants writes:

All good stories start with...

"I was minding my own business when these two dudes..."


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

Jesu fuckin' cristo! That picture must have provoked your warning. Le's go shoppin at a Walgreens next time I visit.


Blogger Damon writes:

This blog is way more interesting than it is exciting.


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

I like guy #2 best. So rough.


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