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Friday, November 18

Freeze Frame

Well, right about now things sure is looking a might rough for that Erik boy.

What with feeling as worn-out as a Roomba on a dirt floor and as out of place as a Dixie Chicks shirt at a Toby Keith fan club, his mind’s in a fit of trouble. And that’s got him about as ornery as a possum that done been caught rooting through your huckleberry pie.

I reckon he’s bound to realize something’s gotta change if he’s gonna make it, but it don’t seem he’s quite there yet.

But what’s this? If’n you look over yonder, there’s about to be some goings on at the bar that just might present, well, opportunities for some such change.

Stay set, folks, and we’ll see if our ol’ buddy Erik can rustle a way out of the mess he done got his self into.


Anonymous Mike writes:

You are such an enigma. LOVE your blog. It's as dense with backstory and slow with the plot reveals as LOST. Brilliant, but sometimes frustrating.


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

Yew shur have a pretty mouth!


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