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Friday, October 28


The intimacy of the refrigerator is most acutely felt when you’re visiting someone else for a protracted amount of time and you go looking into their’s for a little snack. The kind of thing that you always keep in yours. Whether it’s yogurt or grapes or ice cream sandwiches, we all have a small complement of treasures in our fridge that we do not image anyone would be without.

When we go into someone else’s fridge, it often feels alien when we discover that our little treasures, while not unique to us, are not universal in nature. At the same time, what we find instead seems a collection of flavorless—or worse yet—strange smelling savories that appear—at best—non-toxic. They can cause you to question how much you really have in common with these people that you thought you knew so well, had so much in common with.

That seems to be the case with the final installment of this series; a fellow blogger sent this photo to me.

Is that really pre-packaged Swiss cheese?

I’m no cheese snob. While I savor Camembert and English Hunter, I admit I enjoy the Fetas and Pecorinos. I’m even a big fan of Maytag Blue. (Home grown in Iowa—Go Hawkeyes!) But why would you put prepackaged Swiss in your mouth? Even melted in a closed sandwich it would taste like flavorless Play-Doh.


Blogger Smartypants writes:

Oh geez. I think that's dehydrated parmesan in the fridge door. What's this person thinking?


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

Poor Kitty. Nothing to eat but pre-packaged Swiss cheese. Is that an Abyssinian?


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

Play Dooh is flavorless? Who'da thunk?


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

Doesn't anyone even notice the severed head?


Blogger dan writes:

Mmmm, cool crisp Britta!


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