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Monday, October 10


‘Do you like music? Sure, everyone says they do’
~David Byrne, in True Stories

Like everyone else, I love eating food. This is not unusual. It is assumed and understood that loving to eat food is quite typical. It could be considered universal.

Because of this, it annoys me when I hear someone talking about a family vacation and they say, ‘my family is all about eating. We go from lunch to talking about what we are going to eat for dinner.’ I used to attempt saying ‘Really? How unusual!’ but I got called out on being condescending, which to me was an admission of how ridiculous their comments were.

People will try to attribute their love of food to their heritage, which is even more annoying. Because, really, what heritage doesn’t include a lot of eating? The Chinese? Indians? Italians? The French or the Spanish? Hispanics? African-Americans? I’ll admit that Argentinean and Columbian teenage girls don’t eat, but even Ethiopian restaurants are delicious.

May we simply assume that people love to eat food and stop thinking that it somehow marks us as special or unique?

I would like to try the next level up.

I’ve recently noticed how much I like looking at food that I have no intention of eating. I have become rather captivated by looking at food that someone else is going to eat.

Food porn, if you will.

I noticed it when Bitterbug started posting pictures of food he was eating. Now, I am not necessarily saying that I masturbated looking at these pictures of food, but lets just say that had a few less hits that week.

Later, I saw pictures of the contents of someone’s new refrigerator on a blog, and I was equally mesmerized. (I cannot remember whose blog that was, if someone knows, send me a message so I can credit them.)

My suspicion is that I am not alone in this desire to look at other people’s food. The success of the Food Network has attested to the fact that people enjoy looking at food they are not going to eat and a great deal of paintings throughout history take food as their subject.

So I’ve asked some of my friends to open their refrigerator doors to you, and show you what’s inside. This, for me, adds a bit more prurient and nosy element to the aspect of food porn. This is the do-it-yourself, hidden-camera of food porn, which I think makes it all the more alluring.

I suspect that seeing inside someone’s refrigerator is a bit like-not quite looking inside their soul but-getting a glimpse of a private aspect of themselves they do not show many people.

To be fair, we will begin with mine.


Blogger dan writes:

Wow, so clean and organized. Did you prep your fridge for that pic? You got it all tarted up for the photo. I don't believe that for a second! And why is the peanut butter in the fridge?

I appreciate your abundance of beverage.


Blogger Missy Moo writes:

Can I see peeled bananas in your freezer? Never heard of, or seen, frozen b'nanas before.


Anonymous B writes:

I could watch Food Network 24 hours a day if allowed.

Re: peanut butter in the fridge--I used to think that this was crazy (still do if it is Jiff or Peter Pan) but now that I eat natural peanut butter, I have to put it in the fridge so it won't separate.

Re: frozen bananas--sounds like a smoothie shortcut to me, but I don't do it myself. I have had roommates who froze 'em because they were ripe and about to go bad.


Blogger hot babe writes:

I, too, am wondering why the Jiff pb is in the fridge.

I freeze bananas before they go bad when I don't have time to make banana muffins or banana bread & then can just grab them out of the freezer when I feel the urge to bake.

Do you realize that if you spill something above then the can of Sprite will get the spilled substance in the rim of the can right where you drink out of it?


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

There is no such thing as :(



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