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Thursday, October 20


Last night I went out for sushi and then headed to the Publix to pick up some dessert while I watched a little of the television. I chose a coconut creme pie. They had whole pies and half pies.

‘Why is the whole pie $3.99 and a half-pie only a dollar less?’ I asked the bakery lady. ‘That doesn’t make any sense.’

‘Well,’ she said, ‘you’re paying for convenience.’

‘I’m paying,’ I said, ‘for half of a goddamn pie. You’re making America obese. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.’

This is not as harsh as I was on the checkout girl when they were selling 2-4-1 large containers of Miricle Whip.

I took the whole pie home.

It was delicious.

Here is another blogger’s fridge. Any guesses?


Anonymous Anna writes:

"The" television?

Why do I mock? I picked this habit up from you, the charming Midwestern habit of adding articles in front of nouns that need no determination.

Midwesterners: care to confirm or deny?

Everytime I say, "Time go to the Target!" I think of you.


Blogger Smartypants writes:

I like Miracle Whip.


Blogger jamesdamian writes:

What is with all the people with eggs in their original grocers container AND eggs in plastic containers?

Look, Babs. So many little eggies, and I'm still starving, and I'm going to eat them all before I go to sleepie.


Blogger Missy Moo writes:

Thems not little eggies, them is 'ickle mini mozarella cheeses.

...... I think


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

Yeah, bitch out the bakery counter lady. She lives for that .Also,the reason the half-pie is only one dollar less? You took home a whole pie.


Blogger Erik writes:

Ya' think that is the rationale for the pricing scheme? Really?

wow, you must have majored in marketing or something.


Blogger Kristina writes:

It’s like two for one Christmas trees the week before Christmas! The tree guy gets 100% profit on one tree and gets someone else to take off of his hands a tree he won’t sell. Who needs two Christmas trees the week before Christmas? It sure seems like a deal though, doesn’t it?


Blogger Erik writes:

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