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Tuesday, September 6

Time To Cut Back the Mulgrew

I’m afraid I’ve allowed things to back up.

My stack of unread medical journals has produced offspring and there are now three stacks in the corner, taunting me. I have an unwritten grant proposal in the lower left-hand corner of my desktop. In-service exam reviews have not been reviewed. Fellowships applications have not been filled out. Friends have been ignored. I haven’t swept in months.

In short, I have become a sloth.

So I’m putting Playing Doctor on a late-summer hiatus. I’m taking the rest of September off. I’m going to clear my desk, hang with people, and recharge my noggin.

But I suppose I need some sort of season-end cliff-hanger, something to leave you wondering who will survive, what changes you can expect next season, what turns the stories might take.

So here’s a little season wrap-up for the blog and what happens next:

I’ve established myself as The Good Doctor, albeit with a fucked-up social life, letting the hubris build to a gravity inducing mass.

This fall, I’ll be feeling gravity’s pull and taking that fall...


Blogger Kristina writes:

GASP! Nooooooo...


Blogger jamesdamian writes:

May your time away be fruitful!


Blogger dan writes:

Booooo. You don't think the rest of us are neglecting work??!? Friends?!? Obligations?!?? I thought we were all working toward a simultaneous burn-out of epic proportions!?! Forget it, I'll go it alone.


Blogger dan writes:

PS is that you metaphorically tending your garden in revealingly suggestive overalls?

Grr. That's right... weed that garden... weed it good...


Blogger Bewareoftheblog writes:

What a weird time to go off air. You do realise this is the start of the Fall season. Good thing for you I'm addicted to three new shows to keep me busy.


Blogger hot babe writes:

You realize that I'm working full time, going to school, and still maintaining some semblance of a social life all while keeping up a blog. Get back to work. The garden looks too far gone anyway. You've got readers to entertain.


Blogger Kristy writes:

As a doctor I feel it's your responsibility to wean us off slowly and not just cut us off cold turkey.


Blogger Kristina writes:

I am SO mad at you for doing this to us.

And...I've been drinking, normally I would not express myself like this.


Anonymous Papa Mark writes:

Good for you. Take a break. Chill. Play a video game. Call your brother. Hope to see you at thanksgiving time. The pigs need attention.


Blogger Erik writes:

If you want some new material (or in the lingo of television: material that is new to you) there are some easter eggs in the Cool week series I did in early June.


Blogger Damon writes:

Hey Erik, haven't heard from you in a while. Just played catch-up with your blog. I hear you did some wining and dining with beware of the Todd.


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