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Monday, August 15

A Perfect Week

I’m putting on my boxers and jeans, first one leg, then the other, and I feel a hand caress my back and hear the words ‘you’re perfect.’

‘No,’ I say, fastening my jeans and throwing on my tee. ‘I’m not.’

‘Well, you’re perfect for me.’

I put on my shoes, grab my keys and head for the door, saying, ‘give it a week.’


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

Perfection is a relative thing. I've come to realize that a big part of my partner's attraction is that he is flawed...making him perfect for me.



Anonymous Papa Mark writes:

What do you mean I'm flawed?


Anonymous Anna writes:

Ha! Good one, Papa Mark.

But I'm wondering...aren't you supposed to try to keep them, not drive them away?


Blogger hot babe writes:

I'm curious. Are you afraid of intimacy? Caring too much? Rejection (so you beat them to it)? Falling off the pedastal? FInally being truely happy? Losing yourself in someone else?

Mind you, I ask myself some of the very same questions.


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

Oh my! Your parents read your blog?!?!?!

YOU may not be perfect, but you are AMAZING.


Blogger Erik writes:

Hot Babe~

What makes you think its me I'm trying to protect?


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