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Tuesday, August 9

Last week was the last poor week of my life.

Admittedly, to me poor means that cute little French restaurant around the corner can only be visited once a month and I only send the minimum payment on my credit cards. (This was only acceptable because I knew this week would eventually come.)

I became a senior resident last month, which allows me to moonlight at the hospital. When I moonlight, I am paid as a physician, rather than a resident. Moonlighting, I make in a day what takes me a week to make as a resident.

Our schedules are demanding enough that I can only squeeze in a day or two per month, but that is all it takes.
Now, understand that I have given up gainful employment for nearly ten years of my adult life, instead going into a quarter of a million dollars debt in student loans.
I will not pay off these loans until after I retire.
If you go into medicine for the money, you are a fool. Go into banking or plumbing if money is your goal. The money is better. The hours are much shorter. The emotional stakes are lower. And the training is briefer.

But still-Congratulations me!


Blogger hot babe writes:

Congrats on becoming a sr resident!


Blogger jamesdamian writes:

yay!! congrats! come to NYC so I can take you out to a few months when i catch up on all my expenses through unemployment!


Plus...I can get you into a certain museum for free! and if you go as my date, alot of others for free.

We are ROCKSTARS now!


Blogger dan writes:

Oh, so now that the money is rolling in, James wants a date? What a golddigger! I'm just kidding. Congrats on your promotion. Having lots of excess money totally rules.

As for lucrative job options other than doctor, I'd go for banking, because plumbers still have to deal with the poop.


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

You've probably heard me tell about the study on money and happiness. Turns out the rich are happier, and they are happiest when they do not have to actually earn their wealth. That must be amazing, because it feels pretty great to earn it.


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