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Thursday, August 25

It's easier to be friends than lovers, and you shouldn’t try to mix the two

‘I don’t get,’ I said, ‘how you ask me to fuck you and then make me the asshole the next morning.’

‘I was weak.’

‘Yeah, well, I was drunk,’ I said, ‘and I’d think you’d have found the strength to say no by the third or forth time. It wasn’t like I tied your wrists to the bed rail.’

‘Yeah, you did.’

‘Okay,’ I admitted, the tension broken for a moment, ‘but only once. And I wasn’t the one that took off your clothes while I was trying to fall asleep.’


Anonymous duane writes:

sometimes what you secretly want and what you say you want, should be the same thing.


Blogger Bewareoftheblog writes:

oh no you did not go there.


Blogger dan writes:

bloggable sex fest + liz phair = hells yes


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