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Friday, August 12


About two years ago, I got off a plane from New York and made a phone call.

‘I’ve been a bad boy,’ I said when the phone was picked up.

‘What’s that supposed to mean?’

“Just that,’ I said. ‘I was a bad boy in New York.’

‘Are you telling me you cheated on me?’

‘I fooled around a little,’ I said, thinking of the couple of ED docs from Lexington, Kentucky I had met at KGB bar.

‘You get off the plane and call me with this? You don’t even say hello or anything. Just that you cheated on me?’

[Silence, then I speak]

‘It’d be easier to say I Love You than Yours Sincerely.’

‘Don’t try and quote Costello at me. I recognize it. It’s transparent and not very clever.’

It’s then I realize exactly how stupid I’ve been and say the painfully inevitable, stupid comment.

‘At least I’m being honest and upfront. At least I’m not lying about it.’

‘Erik, you can’t get extra-credit when you’re cheating.’


Blogger dan writes:

I've been to KGB Bar. Didn't fool around with anyone there, though.

Nice try with the Costello line. Why were you so eager to confess to this person? Were you trying to relieve guilt or were you trying to force an ending?


Anonymous duane writes:

I can't believe you were so brutally honest. Was this a long time partner?


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