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Monday, July 11

Q: What kind of an Asshole am I?

A few weeks ago my friend Yuval and I were having a beer and he was giving me some parting advice, which is not to say words of wisdom. He’s a year ahead of me in the program and was leaving to begin a fellowship in critical care.

‘Just because someone’s not as good a doctor as you, doesn’t mean they’re an idiot.’

I looked at him, feigning confusion.

‘You consider yourself a mediocre doctor, Erik. You know all your weaknesses and gaps in knowledge. You’re painfully aware of every time someone has pointed out a diagnosis or suggested running a test that you didn’t think of ordering. But you’re not a mediocre doctor, Erik. And when other doctors aren’t as good as you, it doesn’t mean that they’re idiots.’

‘I don’t think they’re—’

‘Save it,’ he said. ‘Don’t even bother. I’m going to get another beer, want one?’

He was halfway to the bar before I could think to say, ‘Yes. I want another beer.’

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Anonymous Anonymous writes:

Eh, as a patient, I don't know if I care if my doctor is condescending to other doctors. As long as he's nice to me, it is totally cool if he considers his coworkers imbeciles.


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