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Friday, July 22

The Opposite of a Raspberry Beret

I ended up with a nose bleed last night. It happened at the gym when my face hit the display/control board of the elliptical machine after I lost my balance.

Here’s what happened: the television was on Anderson Cooper’s 360° and they were doing a story on John Robert’s wife, who wasn’t seen in most of the coverage, but was to Bush’s left when the Robert’s announcement was made.

She was just standing there stiff and uncomfortabe, with an artificially sweet look on her face, regaled in a dusty pink, with a pearl necklace. (And not the good kind.)

She really reminded me of a box of Peeps leftover from Easter and not just last year, but several years ago. And not even the delicious yellow ones, I mean the neon pink ones.

Now by all accounts John Roberts is a thoughtful, intelligent and diligent man, not given to extreme ideology. Seems to be a lovely pick, as far as I’ve heard.

So it kind of threw me—enough that I lost my balance and hit my face as I fell off the machine—when the guy next to me saw Robert’s wife and said, ‘I’d be conservative too, if I had to fuck that every night.’


Blogger hot babe writes:

Is it wrong that I would pay money to see this on video?


Blogger dan writes:

The jury is still out on John Roberts.

(Yay for bad jokes!)

All they seem to play on the TVs at my stupid club are Fear Factor reruns. It's hard to sprint on a treadmill and watch someone eating dung beetles at the same time.


Blogger Snooze writes:

No wonder you lost your balance. That's hilarious.


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