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Friday, July 8

Art Quiz

A lesson I learned the hard way:

If you are making small talk with someone and for some reason they ask you who your favorite painter is, please remember, the answer is not Lucien Freud.

Apparently, the answer should be ‘I really like the impressionists, like Degas or Monet. His Waterlillies show so much about sunlight. I had no idea how large the canvas would be!’ or ‘Georgia O’Keefe is so wonderful. Her abstractions of flowers remind me of female genitalia.’

Alternatively, change the subject to television programs on the WB and then just tune out. People will blather on about them forever. You can smile and laugh without paying any attention to them, because that’s the correct response to everything aired on the WB.


Blogger dan writes:

What's even more fun, is mentioning that you don't like Monet or the Impressionist movement at all for that matter, and then listen for the audible gasps. You may as well say that you are pro baby-seal-clubbing.

Gilmore Girls is a really good show.


Blogger Erik writes:


"That's so true...'




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