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Tuesday, June 14

My Favorite Sandwich

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich


French Meadow's Men's Bread, 2 slices
Blazing Buffalo Style Chicken Breast, Sliced
Celery Rib, julienned
Maytag Blue Cheese, crumbled
Miracle Whip
Alfalfa sprouts
Buffalo Sauce

Slather the Miracle Whip onto a slice of bread, arrange the celery onto the Miracle Whip, crumble the Maytag Blue cheese on top, and then layer the chicken on top of that. Spread a handful of sprouts on the chicken and squirt the Buffalo sauce into the sprouts. (The sprouts act as a medium to hold more sauce in the sandwich) Place the second piece of bread on top.

Enjoy with an Ice Cold Budweiser.


Blogger Spider writes:

Leave off the celery and the sprouts and it sounds like perfection to me!


Blogger Bewareoftheblog writes:

Wow, can you medically endorse this though?


Blogger hot babe writes:

Great. Now I'm hungry. And now my low fat microwave popcorn is just *not* going to cut it. Thanks.


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

I would put the blue cheese on the bread before the celery, then press the celery into the blue cheese. This will prevent crumbles falling from the sandwich.


Anonymous anna writes:

What's this about Man Bread? Can ladies eat it too?

Does it have balls? It is particularly hirsute? A cousin to the Manwich?

Just wondering.


Blogger Erik writes:

Todd: I’m personally endorsing this sandwich.

Anna: Men’s bread is a hysterically ludicrous name. I wish they had a hand painted sign on the bag saying ‘No Girls Allowed.’ It doesn’t have balls, but does have nuts… And Saw Palmetto: for my prostate!

Hot Babe: Microwave popcorn never cuts it for me either-low fat or otherwise. I like to pop my own and lightly salt it. (My grandfather grew popcorn, so I’m a bit spoilt.)

Spider & Anonymous: This is my favorite goddamn sandwich and I’ll make any way I goddamn like.


Blogger Spider writes:

HEY - you da man! Knock yourself out!


Blogger hot babe writes:

I remember the days of popcorn on the stove. My dad grew it in our garden once & it was the best.

I'd make this sandwich tonight if I didn't have to run to five different stores for all the special ingredients. You can't make something like this with any substitutes. A different brand of bread or cheese would throw the whole masterful combo off.


Blogger Anthony Brien writes:

Wow sounds yummy. But I didn't know Maytag took a plunge into the cheese market. :)


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