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Friday, June 24

Later, We Can Practice French Kissing

This is the last Friday of June and thus the last of the summer games.

Today's category: Guilty Pleasures.

We're going to tread gingerly, somewhere above chocolate cheesecake (because-really-who cares?) and below rape. (because-really-I don't want to know that about you.)

So pick things that you actually feel guilty about, not just embarrassed by, but not so guilty that it keeps you awake at night.

Somewhere in the ‘I burned a hole in my friend’s fridge trying to defrost it with a candle and when he pointed it out, I pretended I had not done it.’ (The pleasure here was playing with fire, more so than destroying someone’s property.)

An appropriate follow to that turn, playing off the ‘t’ from ‘it’ might be: ‘I turned in my grandmother’s green stamps for a Parcheesi set when I was nine.’

As you can see, the guilt might be from transgressions needed to achieve pleasure or unintended consequences from partaking in them, rather than feeling guilt about the pleasure itself. I’ll let you be the judge of your own guilt.

To keep things interesting and more forthcoming, let’s turn the lights out: All comments should be anonymous.

Same rules apply:

1) First letter of your entry begins with the last letter of the previous entry. All entries should be a single sentance.

  • Articles and Pronouns do not count. (Ignore ‘the,’ ‘I,’ ‘my’ or ‘a.’)
  • If you want to add a special description, add it as a second line or in parenthesis.
  • Spell out numbers and symbols, example: ‘1 legged hooker’ would be appropriate for the letter O for ‘one.’

2) If you want to critique someone’s choice, start by playing your turn. But I’ll delete any post that judges anyone else’s pleasure.
3) You can place as many entries as you want, but someone else has to go between each of your entries.
4) If two people post a turn off the same entry, the first post will be the path taken. The second post will be ignored. If it gets missed and people start playing off the second post, then just keep the game moving.
5) If someone makes a wrong entry, ignore it and take your turn.

Rachel, is that you touching my leg?


Blogger Erik writes:

And remember to click the little anonymous tag to your right, or you’ll end up with the lights going on and everyone seeing you with Dan’s toes in your mouth.


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

In third grade, we traded classes and I had to sit in a seat of a very overweight girl everyone made fun of, I couldn't wait to use the restroom, peed my pants and said she did it and I had to sit in it and everyone believed ME!

(I do believe that is more than one sentence, but still crammed it all and made it look like one.)


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

Eating the entirety of an Entenmann's coffee cake on christmas before the family woke up and having my husband force me to appologize to his mother.


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

Raking the leaves and flicking all the dog poop back into their yard


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

Denying that I slept with someone with they were so totally bombed they had no idea when I really had.


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

Demanding my friend withdraw his nominataion for a position I wanted by threatening to expose him as an alcoholic.


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

Crying at talk shows when they reunite long lost families, but not calling my brother.


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

Retaliating against my grampa, after he called me a brat, by saying "Well, at least I ain't old."


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