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Tuesday, June 28

Lake of the Woods

(My grandfather died yesterday. I am putting the Patriotism series on hold.)

My grandfather always had to remind me to keep my hook in the water.

I enjoyed his company and the quietness of being on the boat. We would go out in the morning, often way too early, dock at shore for lunch, and then go out for a few more hours in the afternoon. If we weren’t catching anything, I would often reel in my line and begin reading. My cousins and family could probably tell you some of his better fishing advice.

For me, it was pretty much limited to his gentle reminder to keep my hook in the water.


Blogger Kristy writes:

I'm sorry Erik, take care.


Blogger dan writes:

I'm not sure of the ettiquette for blogging condolences, but sorry.


Blogger Bewareoftheblog writes:

Sorry for your loss, but nice blog to pay tribute.


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

My condolences. That was a nice tribute.


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

Your Dad says: what a wonderful image of your grandpa...he adored fishing so much that lying on his death bed with dementia he was still tying fish hooks to his line. Today, I was reminded of what an energetic child I was (energetic is a euphemism for hyperactive), but I don’t recall Grandpa or Grandma ever having a problem with it. Today I would surely be medicated.
God has a way of getting even for such didn’t sleep through the night until you were fourteen.


Blogger Erik writes:

I still don't sleep through the night.


Blogger hot babe writes:

Erik, you & your family are in my thoughts. I'm very sorry for your loss.



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