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Monday, June 6

Cool Week

After last Friday’s game—Thanks for playing, everybody. I don’t know about you, but I saw a bunch of movies I either wanted to watch or wanted to watch again. My Netflix queue went up by about ten movies—It got me to thinking about what is and isn’t cool.

Let’s start with the admonishment ‘Be Cool,’ a reminder that you are braking the bounds of cool, a shorthand version of ‘Don’t be uncool.’

It can be used correctly, as in:
  • Stop calling me four times a day
  • Put down that knife
  • Come to the party
  • Don’t throw a punch that’ll get our butts kicked
  • Go down on me

It can be used incorrectly, as in:
  • Help us knock-over the liquor store/steal a car/bury a dead boyfriend
  • Give me the answers to the geometry quiz
  • Buy beer for us underage kids
  • Jump off a structure with a bungee cord
  • Go down on me

Tomorrow: Everything I Ever Really Needed to Know I Learned in Junior High


Anonymous Another Dan writes:

If poetry isn't "cool" then how would you classify it?


Blogger Spider writes:

You lost me after "People, settle down..."


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