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Friday, May 6

Do You Want to Touch My Monkey?

This Monkey Face is my favorite. In fact, it was her favorites experiment that caused me to go off on this curious diatribe:

‘What CD would you bring with you to a desert island’ is not asking ‘what’s your favorite?’ It’s asking ‘what do you love that you wish you could hate?’

Television, a bit differently, but similarly so, is not meant for such passion. Television is not ‘seeking a long term relationship.’ It's an aesthetic one night stand. No, not even that. It’s a hand-job in the front seat of a Chevy pick-up. It’s hastily thrown together, and hurled at the fourth wall. We get to see what sticks. Television is meant to be intangible; even TiVo asks ‘are you finished with this program?’

Yes, by all means, I am finished.

Dump it from memory.
Dump it from my memory, now.

DVD’s of television shows are abominations, making painfully obvious how transient the medium should be. Especially if they have a collector’s edition casing. It is like showing pictures of your whores to your grandchildren.

Reruns, however, are fine. Don’t ask me why. They just are.

I think of the back cover endorsement that says ‘All men should read Erasmus; All educated men should read Erasmus once a year.’

Nip/Tuck does not allow for such pretense.

Shame, really, because you’re right: Dr. Christian is H-O-T.

Anyway, go read Monkey Face, because she is H-O-T.


Anonymous Anna writes:

Shucks. I am really really flattered.

I think I have to touch my own monkey now.


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