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Friday, April 29


Two Emergency doctors, Dr. M sitting and Dr. P standing, are in the ED outside the trauma bay.

Dr. M: His family’s outside; I have to go tell them. They know about the accident, but they think he just got hit.

Dr. P (looks at feet): God, five years-old? That’s rough.

Dr. Casanova and Dr. E walk into the ED and approach them.

Dr. E: Hey guys, I cut the shit out of my finger this weekend and have been bleeding like a stuck pig. I can’t get it to stop bleeding.

(Looks at Dr. M and Dr. P, who say nothing)

Dr. E: I figured, being Emergency docs, you might give me some ideas on how to stop the bleeding.

(Looks at Dr. M and Dr. P, who say nothing)

Dr. E: See, when I take the bandage off, it starts bleeding again.

(Takes off bandage, the wound does not resume bleeding)

Dr. E: You guys are so good; all I have to do is talk to you to stop the bleeding.

(Dr. E walks away to nurses’ station to fetch some bandages.)

Dr. Casanova: What’s wrong? You two look beat down.

Dr. P: M just pronounced a kid who got run over by a boat. The propeller went right through the abdomen. He has to go tell the parents now.

Dr. Casanova: Jesus, that’s rough. I’m sorry man.

Dr. E (returning from nurses’ station): Ready to hit the cafeteria for some breakfast, Casanova? It’s French toast sandwich day!

And… Scene!


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

Dr. E wouldn't happen to be "Dr. Erik," the photo of whose bloody finger is posted just below this one, would he?


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

Fucking あなたはあるまたはあなたの心は


Blogger dan writes:

It's always fun to be made the ass.


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