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Tuesday, April 26

And This Is My Typing Finger

I cut the shit out of my finger and—having taking aspirin all weekend—bled like a stuck pig.

Note the smaller cut on the ring finger also.

This has been a bicth to type, I am taking a couple of days off.


Blogger hot babe writes:

OMG! Please be more careful. And heal quickly. I need more to read.


Anonymous Byron writes:

Geez. Be more careful with those knitting needles.


Blogger dan writes:

Yucks. Looks like you had the bandaid on too tight, too.

And you are supposed to tell how you cut it so that people can visualize the carnage and gore.


Blogger Spider writes:

Gee - looks a little like a syphilis sore on a very small penis - hope you are better soon!


Blogger hitbyabike writes:

Egads! Which begs the question: what WERE you cutting? The cheese? A rug? Large sections of very dangerous pipe?


Blogger nycbabylon writes:

Feel better. Sorry I can't be there to type for you.


Anonymous Another Dan writes:

Looks like a bagel slicing injury...


Blogger Damon writes:

Gah! Fix it!


Blogger Erik writes:

Byron: No bonnet for you!

Dan: It was tagaderm and a gauze 2x2, holding in the moisture, mascerating the surrounding skin.

Anna: I cut it grabbing a safety razor out of a bag. There was a tremendous amount of blood.

Spider: We'll take your word on that one.

(Actually, you are not far wrong. Syphilis can present as a painless ulceration, thus the importance of taking a thorough history from a pateint.(i.e. 'Did you cut your finger on something?') You can see for yourself what primary syphilis looks like via the self-learning module, provided by the Public Health Agency of Canada, if you don't mind socialized learning, at: )


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