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Friday, March 25

Would You Like To Play a Game?

See if you can match the description with the appropriate image below.

Good luck, and no cheating!

1. 2.

3. 4.

A. Proof that modern science has mastery of life-over-death
B. Technological abomination against God
C. The living undead
D. The logical quarry of pitchfork-wielding religious mobs

(Note: Multiple answers may apply to certain images)


Blogger Spider writes:

I have been reading your blog for a couple of months now - and while you are always right on target, along with a little sick humor thrown in, todays post is perfect. In 12 column inches of montior space, you have summed up the entire event. Thank you - I am not sure anyone could have done this any better...


Blogger Jake writes:

Don't even GET me started on how pissed the religious right and the United Theocracy of America ... oops, I mean "Congress" ... have made me on this issue.


Blogger robotomy writes:

The sad thing about all this (or the hilarious thing, I'm not sure which) is what it is doing to the children. No, I'm kidding. What's sad is that one side of the "debate" are such fucking, freaking morons that a reasonable person has to resort to being an asshole just to maintain sanity.

How this relates to your blog is that some people might find it a tad... oh, I don't know, heartless.

How this relates to me is that I don't normally find myself the type of person to make cruel jokes. (Just humor me for a moment; we all know I'm lying.) But it's just amazing how many references to this news orgy are entering into my daily comedy routines. (I imagine the late night hosts are staying away from this one?) I never thought "persistent vegetative state" and "Pinellas Park" would become my fave catch-phrases, but look at me now!

After a night of indulging our liquor addictions, Alex woke up at my house on Sunday saying he felt like a zombie. What did I say to him? "Oh, Terri."


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