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Thursday, March 17

“For Reasons That Will Be Made Clear Later…” an associate of my sister likes to say.

For reasons that will be made clear later, I am under contractual obligation to not discuss certain aspects of my personal life.

Apparently, some of my recent posts have been edging close to violating that. The post that I had planned for today, I am told, would have gone over that edge.

This whole thing will loosen up in late June, and it will be cleared up at that point.

For today though, a reprint from The Onion, which is free every week and you should read it. If you find it funny, it’s worth the $39.95 subscription price to go through their archives.

As a side note, the reason mouth-to-mouth was eliminated from CPR is they found that Americans have become so fearful of touching other Americans (Thanks Jane Pauley and Catie Couric!) that they were ignoring their countrymen as they lay dying.

It was decided that if we could at least get them to do the cardio aspect of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, it might have better results then treating our fellow man like diseased dogs.

(I guess it’s Cynical Thursday.)


Blogger hot babe writes:

So it's just CR now as the pulmonary resuscitation part has been removed from the equation? I never heard this. Geez, so I wouldn't have to do mouth-to-mouth on some old guy at the mall when all I'd have to do is the pounding on the chest & yelling, "Come on, Gramps! Don't let little Billie see you give up! Now breathe, dammit!"

Oh sure, NOW you tell me.


Anonymous Miss Kitty writes:

Damn! Now how am I supposed to get tongue from hot lifeguards. Sheesh!


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

I like reading what you wrtie. Please don't write anything that might prevent you from continuing to blog.



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