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Tuesday, March 15

Favorite Lines

Favorite Line in Music History

Joni Mitchell~ A Case of You

Just before our love got lost you said,
‘I am as constant as the northern star.’

And I said,
‘Constantly in the darkness? Where’s that?
If you want me, I’ll be in the bar.’

Favorite Line in Movie History

Alien vs. Predator

“The Aztec calendar was based on the metric system. I suspect the pyramid is going to change every ten minutes.”

(Apparently they used a metric system based on sixty-second minutes.)

Favorite Line in Television History

NewsRadio~ The episode where Andy Dick becomes super intelligent, reading six textbooks simultaneously and writing comments and corrections in the margins while doing so.

Andy Dick: I understand public radio now.

Dave Foley: Oh my God. You understand everything they talk about on NPR?

Andy Dick: No. I understand that it’s bourgeoisie crap masquerading as intellectual discourse and I don’t have to understand it.


Blogger dan writes:

You actually watched Alien vs Predator?

Joni Mitchell's Blue is one of my favorite albums. Does that make me a total wuss or what.


Anonymous Another Dan writes:

I have to Ditto Dan. I have all of Joni Mitchell's CD's, except the latest two compilations and "Misses" which I didn't need to buy since all the songs on those CDs appear on her other CD's. "Blue" is one of the best. For more on Joni visit The site hasn't been updated as often as it used to be since its original developer died, but there is still a lot to check out.


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