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Tuesday, February 8

What Comes Around

I've been Tagged by Hot Babe with this list of questions to answer.

1. The last doughnut you ate out somewhere:
Morning Report, I usually eat one. Okay, two.

2. The last doughnut you ate at home:
It’s sitting in front of me as I type. I hope I don’t get glazing on the keyboard.

3. What was the last doughnut you bought:
A dozen from Krispy Kreme, six glazed and six chocolate glazed. It was on the way home from Superfest early Saturday morning.

4. Got Netnuts? (or a similar service):
No, I tried, and though they had keywords ‘glazed’ ‘cream’ and ‘topping,’ it had absolutely nothing to do with fried dough. Sadly they have not perfected internet doughnut technology. (Note to self: Perfect Internet Doughnut Technology)

5. List five doughnuts you adore/mean a lot to you:
1. Glazed- Simple, modern, minimalist.
2. Chocolate Glazed- A classic.
3. Blueberry Filled and a powdered sugar coating- In eighth grade I was in a all-day class on Tuesdays. If we performed well, the teacher would drive across the street to Velvet Cream and get us one doughnut each. I was a work horse for that doughnut. I loved going to school on Tuesdays with ‘doughnut money.’ (35 cents)
4. Pillsbury Biscuits with holes punched in the middle with grandma’s thimble, then fried and topped with powdered sugar glaze– We would do this at the farmhouse. Forget the sentimental aspect, these were unbelievably delicious.
5. That Dozen from a Gas Station in Northeast Iowa- My sister’s $300 car broke down coming back to Iowa City from Madison. I can’t remember how she made it back, but we had to drive through the countryside to retrieve the car. We stopped at this gas station and bought a dozen doughnuts that were prepackaged. They had this whipped cream filling, which I normally don’t like, but after we ate one or two our mouths started tingling a little. Neither of us was really sure it was happening, because it seemed too strange, so we idly continued to eat them until our mouths started going numb. Finally, we turned to one another and said something like “does yu mouf fee foonie?” Then we started hurling the doughnuts at passing cars and livestock. Ah, youth.

6. Name your guilty pleasure doughnut (or genre):
The Flavor of the month at the hospital cafeteria. A while ago it was Key Lime Pie Doughnut. Key Lime filling, Icing, and topped with graham cracker crumbles. Too high concept for me, but pretty good.

7. Name 3 people to whom you're going to pass these questions on, and why:
No one, the cycle of violence stops with me.


Blogger Captain 43 writes:

how come you dont' share your doughnuts ?


Blogger hot babe writes:

Wow, you just might have more food issues than I do. And yeah, why *don't* you share them?

I'm a big fan of the small town bakery donuts because they put on just that little bit of extra chocolate frosting & make it even more fattening. Yum. OK, so on 2nd thought, I'm not sure anyone has more food issues than I do.


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