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Friday, February 18

The Goat, Part III of III

Or, Judith Butler Sitting on My Face

For those of you who do not follow the link, no one in this photo is named Judy.


Anonymous Sean writes:

Goatees can be dangerous to pedestrians and parked cars.

When I pointed out to my inobservant boyfriend, while he was driving us someplace in S.F., that I had shaved my beard into a goatee, the shock caused him to lose control of the vehicle and nearly hit a parked car.

That's when I realized the true power of a Goatee and vowed only to use it for good rather than evil.


Blogger Timby writes:

what is that thing on your chin?


Blogger hot babe writes:

I keep trying to take a look at your goatee, but my eyes are involuntarily fixated on your beer.


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

Wow! The Goat is not only witty, sensitive, and smart, he's handsome!


Blogger Erik writes:

Mom, You don't have to post anonymously on the internet.


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

If someone in the photo were named Judy, the photo would be titled Judy on bended knee reaching around to grab my ass while holding a beer.


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