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Tuesday, January 11

Venn Diagram of the Week

Jake's post today began with a multiple choice quiz with unintended implications. Someone caught it, and here is the Venn demonstrating its accuracy.

Not exactly the mental picture for a Gap ad.

Maybe a 1960's Brando, during his dirty, experimental phase.


Blogger Jake writes:

Hey, I never said I WAS wearing any of those things. I merely asked people to guess what I was NOT wearing and then launched into an incoherent, rambling post about one of the four choices.

Of course, if I had any skill whatsoever as a writer or a proofreader, I wouldn't have created so much confusion. Then again, I've never had someone create a Venn diagram about me, so at least there's that.


Blogger Timby writes:

Hey Erik, I love your wallpaper type thingy on your page here. It's way cool. I just wanted to post so you know i still read your page. Kisses!


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