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Thursday, January 13


So today was a good day.

When I got in, I got a call from the ED requesting me to evaluate a woman on bi-pap, an in-between tool between giving someone oxygen and putting them on a breathing machine.

I was told she was doing well, but when I got down there, I could see she wasn’t. I pulled a stool near her bed and wrote my notes while watching her. Things were wrong with her and I started correcting them. Early things. Easy to miss things. Before things go really bad things.

This is why it was a good day.

I caught them. She had started slowly circling the drain. I was the Dutch boy today. My finger went into the dyke before the water got too low to save the woman. She got better.

She was likely to die if things hadn’t been caught quickly, and I caught them quickly. On occasion one’s eyes can make the difference, and today mine did.

She will likely go back home tomorrow and resume her life.

So, today was a good day.


Blogger hot babe writes:

I wonder how many hits you'll get for using the word "dyke." And you should re-read that sentence- put your finger in her, did ya?


Blogger Timby writes:



Blogger Erik writes:

Okay, hot babe,
Were you not from Minnesota, I might let this go. But I went to kindergarten through second grade in Iowa. And the Scandinavian states loves them some Mary Mapes Dodge stories.

We heard this story every few months, even built dioramas, so don't be all like, “I don't know what you are talking about, is this some sexual innuendo?”

Timby, who lives in Virginia, is to be forgiven and directed to the story that was referenced.

And an update on the whole odd-search-terms thing, I got a hit two days ago from someone searching “Hernia Fetish.”


Blogger hot babe writes:

Oh, I know the story. As you stated, I am from MN afterall. I remember the class hours spent talking about the little Dutch boy that selflessly stops the water from destroying the whole town. But we were also told tales about lefsa & lutefisk & taught the proper ways to say "boat," "you betcha," & "oh yeah" (see the movie Fargo for a demonstration). I just prefer to look at the flip side of any double entandra.

And who has a hernia fetish? No seriously, who are these people? I thought I was a freak, but this whole internet thing has opened my eyes to the true freakiness of the world.


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