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Thursday, January 6

This is What I Know about Being Gigantic

When I saw someone found my website by searching for ‘Carson Daly's Penis’ I thought it was odd. I vaguely remember having to check the spelling of ‘Daly,’ but could not remember why. When I used the Yahoo site to search ‘Carson Daly's Penis,’ I understand why someone clicked on it, but jeez.

Talk about being taken out of context.


Blogger Erik writes:

It just occurred to me that this post might change what shows up on the Yahoo blurb, so I will quote what appeared in its entirety for posterity:

(The ellipses are theirs, not mine.)

4. Playing Doctor
... I've been getting strange calls from Carson Daly's Dentist. What's that about? ... The Foley catheter drains his urine through a tube in his penis. This is the start ...


Blogger hot babe writes:

Who would search for Carson Daly's penis? Pathetic.


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