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Friday, January 21

The Headaches Are Killing Me

Believe me, after all the flack I got on the last list, I have been trying to tolerate them.

My nightstand has the empty bottles of aspirin to prove it. Motrin bottles roll out of my glove box, and I find myself fiddling with the Tylenol in my pockets at the beginning of the day, before they disappear into my dry mouth.

But it is starting to interfere with my concentration. So I put out the signal. This time I was to throw the potted clematis onto my front steps and leave the shards and dying flowers until I got my message. Last night I walked to the tennis courts in the nearby park. I pulled off the top of the end-post of the chainlink fence and there, rolled up, was the following list.

Frankly, I was a little confused when I read it, as it seemed we were doing a good job of following orders. Maybe it was the whole inauguration thing that was the problem.



Eartha KittHalle Berry
Quite determinationCynicism
Fantastic FourX-Men
John McCainGeorge W Bush
Josh RouseWhite Stripes
Sensible shoesHem Lines
Disaster TwinsTalented Siblings
The JacksonsThe Presleys
Burt ReynoldsClint Eastwood
Electric ToothbrushesElectric Hairdryers
Whatever it takes
Love Handles


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

I don't like Halle Berry ever, in or out.
And I saw Eartha Kitt in "Cinderella" when I was 19 and I went just because I was afraid she might die soon. But it appears that she is beyond that whole death thing.
I have a question though, how can electric hair dryers be out? What is the alternative, some sort of hand crank model, I mean you could always brush your teeth the old fashioned way, so you're sort of putting the long-haireds in a difficult position by declaring electric hair dyers "out".
According to my "Media Buying" professor, the New York Times, officially declared brooches "out".
Your thoughts?



Blogger Timby writes:

Yessss... I have an electric toothbrush. Finally I have something that makes the list!


Blogger Captain 43 writes:

i'll make you a cd so you can change it and listen to something new, and john Mccain is out , he's a punk


Blogger hot babe writes:

Sweet! I can finally hang up my Burt Reynolds Cosmopolitan centerfold poster again.


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

I feel so current! I stopped reading Wonkette months ago. Also, I gave out Earth Kitt CD's for Christmas. I wonder if that act tipped the scales and put her on the "in" list? I'm still a little lost about the "quite determination". This sounds like a Bushism, but isn't he on the outs? Please clarify.


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