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Tuesday, December 14

Stone Cold Healthy

I was evaluating a 45 year-old woman with chest pain in the emergency room. Obviously, one of our major concerns was the possibility of a heart attack. So I was asking her about things that might put her at higher risk for having a heart attack.

Has she ever had a heart attack before? Does she smoke? Does she have high blood pressure or diabetes? Every question the woman answered a reassuring ‘no.’

I asked her if her parents had any heart problems.

‘Oh, no,’ she said, flatly.

I asked if they had any health problems.

‘No,’ she said.

I asked how old they were.

‘They both died when they were in their forties.’

I asked how they died.

‘Heart Attacks.’


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

Sounds like a Kathy or Family Circus comic.


Alex C.


Blogger Erik writes:

Shame, I was really going more for a Readers Digest 'Laughter, the Best Medicine.'


Anonymous Anonymous writes:

Hey there could be $50 in it for you, and FAME.

- Alex c.


Blogger Jake writes:

Sounds like it's time to thin the herd ...


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